To me, being upside down really doesn’t sound like a very nice position to be in. It is more than just strength and balance, it requires a lot of courage. In fact, I can never imagine my head carrying my entire body weight and that I would actually enjoy it. Being in the pose is a great feeling, the feeling of blood rushing to my head gives me a new perspective to everything psychologically.

The benefits of inversions are countless. Physically it strengthens the body especially the spine, and stimulates the four major systems – cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic and endocrine, which eventually improves the mind and body. Mentally, it clears the mind and improves concentration. Hence, the headstand and shoulder stand are also referred to as the king and queen of asanas respectively.

However getting into the pose is the most difficult part to me, and the only way to achieve that is through lots of practice. This is what I do: Try to break the poses into smaller do-able parts and work on it first. Keep doing it because nothing replaces determination and practice.

I’ve read this somewhere – Your perceived limitations are not forever, they exist, but only “until today”. Always remind yourself you will be able to do it one day.

Merdin Yeoh

200hr weekday Mar-Apr 2014