When Pole meets Yoga

Before Yoga, there was Pole dancing.

I have been doing Pole dancing for almost 4 years now and I know my body was not performing at its optimal level. So I turned to Yoga.

Yoga is a very good complement to my Pole training in 3 major ways:

  • Flexibility and Strength

There are a lot of asanas that work every part of a pole dancer’s body. These poses do not only improve flexibility but also one’s strength. From various flexibility asanas (i.e., forward folds, back bending, twisting poses, etc.) to core and arm strength exercises (i.e., chaturanga, planks, arm balances, etc.) down to inversions — you name it. There are countless of yoga poses that benefit a pole dancer in different ways. Doing Yoga alongside with Pole dancing, undoubtedly, will help improve your overall Pole training.

  • Breathing

In whatever type of exercise we do, most often than not, we forget to do the most important thing – to breathe properly. I couldn’t recall how many times I have held my breath while doing a difficult move on the pole, especially when I try to master a new trick for that Instagram worthy pic 😀 This is where Yoga has helped me a lot. Yoga practice gives you the awareness of your own body and most especially, of your own breath. With proper breathing, you can get the pole moves easier.

  • Body Awareness and Appreciation

I have never had the chance to meet my 6-pack abs but I couldn’t be bothered as I know I am much stronger than what I actually look like. Every time I step into my yoga mat or hold onto a pole, I’m constantly amazed of what our bodies are capable of doing. The beauty of  doing both practices is it gives you full body awareness and appreciation— coming into terms of what you can and cannot do and not be ashamed of it.

Now, onto my Savasana. 😀

Kaye Carreos, March 2018 YTT weekend warrior

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