It's just stretching, in a hot room…

It was that one, hot day. One extraordinarily hot day, 3 years ago.

I was sweating profusely, obviously dehydrated. Everything started spinning around. I almost passed out. 

That was my first encounter with Yoga.

Yoga, 3 years ago was something that I thought I’d never get interested at. I didn’t know anything about Yoga back then, nor have tried it. A couple of friends talked me into trying hot yoga. It’s just stretching, in a hot room, they said. So the thought of sweating a lot without running (because I hate cardio) and get that beautiful glow in my face, enticed me to sign up for my first ever yoga class with a studio just 3 blocks away from my house.

So for the first time, I walked into the studio, laid my mat inside a 40-degree hot room. Totally clueless.

I was quietly observing everyone. Some were lying down on their mats, some were doing their own stretches. Some were chatting with friends. Then the yoga teacher came, made her introduction and we started.

26 poses in an hour in a 40-degree room temperature. I should be fine, or so I thought.

First half an hour of the class, I was doing well. But on the later part, I started to feel nauseous. I remember when it was the time to do the camel pose — that was it. My downfall. Literally. Everything started to turn black so I released myself from the pose and rested until I felt better. Unsurprisingly, I never came back again to the studio after that class.

It surely wasn’t the best Yoga experience. But a year ago, I found myself again in a Yoga studio thinking that maybe Yoga isn’t so bad. Since then, I’ve been joining yoga beginners classes weekly. The classes were fun but it left me with a feeling that something’s lacking. I realised then that I wanted more. I wanted more of just being able to do the poses. I wanted a deeper understanding of Yoga.

And fast forward, here I am today, as I write this blog, we are only less than two weeks away from our YTT graduation. How time flies so fast! I started as a clueless first timer who almost completely passed out during a hot yoga class to someone who can potentially teach in the future! It was definitely not a love at first sight, but I’m pretty sure after this wonderful, most enriching YTT experience, my love for Yoga will continue to grow and definitely last. 😉


Kaye Carreos, March 2018 YTT weekend warrior




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