Yoga: More Than Just An Exercise

When I mention the word yoga, what comes to your mind? Was it an image of someone doing a pose?

I remember when I first encountered yoga, I categorized it as a form of exercise. I thought yoga was all about doing poses to strengthen the body on the mat probably because of the images that I portray. As I delved deeper, I found out there was of course more to it. In fact, asana poses are only part of the equation. 

Looking at history, yoga is a philosophy and there are many principles. However, we live in a modern world and there are bound to have gaps in the knowledge passed down. Simply put, the practice of yoga aligns the energy in our body, mind and spirit. The human body is a powerful machine, it sends signals to the mind to sense. It can be as straightforward as that or complicated considering other factors in our daily lives.

By practising yoga, it helps us to align our energy as well as ourselves in life. I would then argue that yoga is not just an exercise but rather a way of life.

Darren Koh
March 2018 YTT Weekend Warrior

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