Yoga and my multiple Eureka's!!

I started practicing Ashtanga yoga three years ago and I had one point agenda, “To lose weight post Tara, my second daughter was born”. Yoga seemed the easiest and safest way as cardio is boring and food is life. It didn’t take me long to realize that there was more to Yoga than just burning calories. I was feeling lighter, healthier, shinier and more so, relaxed despite consistently sinful activities over weekends-keep guessing!


Practicing Ashtanga opened up my body and my mind. From a person for whom touching toes with flat back seemed a big task, I was beginning to get comfortable with forward rolls, backward rolls, headstands. I was back to being a child who was wanting to learn, explore, try and was no longer afraid to ask or experiment. Thinking back I realized that it wasn’t that I suddenly was a new flexible human being, rather previously, I had become too conscious of everything that I was doing. Yoga helped me differentiate between being conscious and being aware of self. Yoga made me aware of my breathing, and being aware of my body.


I found my multiple eureka moments practicing my fixed sequence of asanas in Ashtanga and to me the journey has just begun. My everyday promise to myself is that I shall stay disciplined, shall stay true to myself, will understand my posture, focus on the right techniques and will try to improvise and let the eureka moment happen!! Let it happen……