Beginning the journey of yoga began almost by accident but it seems though fate is determined to push practices into my life. My entire life I have been very interested in being healthy and taking care of my body but little did I know that yoga wasn’t just for old laddies with hip problems but full body medicine that every person should include in their daily lives. As a child ruled and bullied by anxiety and fear, I found it difficult to be amongst large groups of people, talking to strangers and even making new friends was something I struggled with.

I have various yoga practices and pranayama to thank for calming down mood swings and panic attacks. Not only the benefit of having a healthy body, breathing practices cleansed my mind almost expelled negative thoughts when it comes to how I am viewed from other people which would normally result in panic attacks. My family have noticed the difference in my behaviour when it comes to family gatherings or meeting strangers. I am a lot more talkative and care little about how another person thinks. Many people have toxins within they’re mind and they don’t even know it. Thinking negative about another person is only a toxin which only effects ones self if you allow it.

Make waves out of low tide- if you are somebody who quietly sits in the corner, feeling different or left out, perhaps you need to introduce a different type of friend. YOGA. Learn and self discover until you shine as bright as dancing fire.