Yoga and Morning Routine

Many successful individuals have some sort of a morning routine. They may differ between individuals but they all have the same purpose of priming to start the day right. 

The common morning routines include exercising and having a good breakfast. However, I also came across a morning routine which included kapalbhati pranayama after waking up. Of course, the term “breathing technique” was used for most people to understand. However, I found out it was related to yoga pranayama after searching further on what exactly was that “breathing technique” that was mentioned.

Interestingly people do incorporate yoga into their daily lives knowingly or unknowingly. This is just one of the interesting examples that I found and I am sure that it will not just give one a good start to the day but also amazing benefits as well in the long term.

Darren Koh
March 2018 YTT Weekend Warrior

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