Towards my 200hrs (1/4)

I started contorting my body pretty early, at 20 years of age. Back then, the company I worked in had this lunchtime exercise program and there were different classes we could sign up for. Yoga wasn’t all the rage then but I read about it from some fitness magazine and was so eager to give it a try. I influenced a few of my colleagues to sign up with me although some were just coerced through peer pressure. The first class was fantastic. I was instantly in love with it and it is not because that I am flexible as my colleagues bitterly pointed out. It was a general good feeling that I cannot find in any other fitness routines. For the next few years, I soldiered on in my weekly class while all my other colleagues drop out one by one. Unfortunately, I have to move on to another company and the practice stopped. I tried to sign up for classes through various fitness gyms but work always gets in the way. So my on and off, on and off, off, off, on and off affairs with Yoga begins. I lost count of how many yoga teachers, classes and styles I have encountered. Fast forward 20 years later, here I am sweating my butt again in my weekend classes finally, trying to get my RYS200hrs certification as a Yoga Teacher. I was serendipitously led here by my work. As an art teacher in a primary school, I started all lessons in the class of 40 restless students with mindful breathing. There was a lot of resistance from the children going into it, at first. Eventually, they eased into it. So successful the technique was that I was known as the breathing teacher and I get notes from graduating students on how they love my breathing technique. If I accidentally forgot to do the routine, I will be instantly reminded. I wanted to see if I can explore this further by getting my Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification. This led me to Tirisula and I realized that I had to have my YTTC 200hrs first as a pre-requisite. So, that is the start of my YTTC 200hrs journey. It has been wonderful so far. I found my tribe of like-minded people and teachers who are willing to share their knowledge with the world. I hope collectively, in the pursuit of making ourselves better people, we can all infect the world with a bit of goodness. Oh, and of course, this time I want my love affair with Yoga to light ON forever……….. Love you all. Namaste!

Myra YTTC Mar 2018

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