As an avid yoga consumer and a current YTT student, I wanted to learn what’s the global yoga industry’s potential and how it has evolved in the past years. Here’s what’s I found and I’d like to share with you: 


Did you know that currently the global yoga studio industry is estimated to be worth $88bn and expected to reach $215bn by 2025.

The most established and biggest markets are the US, UK, and Australia. However, the Asia Pacific region is expected to see the highest growth over the coming years.


Yogis spend a lot of money on their hobby. According to research by the Yoga Alliance, a typical yogi will spend $62,640 on classes, workshops, and accessories over their lifetime. This equates to about $90 per month, almost half of which is just on classes. There’s clearly a huge opportunity to serve this dedicated audience and generate a strong income in the process.


Other Interesting Yoga Statistics


  1. Around 44% of yoga practitioners practice yoga 2-3 times a week.
  2. An average yoga practitioner spends around $90 a month on yoga.
  3. Over 55 million people will start practicing yoga by 2020.
  4. 37% of yoga enthusiasts have children who also enjoy practicing.
  5. The cleanliness of the yoga studio is a major factor for 70.5% of yoga practitioners when deciding on where to take yoga classes.
  6. Lack of flexibility is what holds 32% of non-yogis from trying yoga out.
  7. Aside from in-person classes, 24% of people also use yoga apps or yoga guided by videos to practice.
  8. 1 in three practitioners in the US has attempted at least once to practice yoga outside of class.
  9. A research conducted on 52 women with anxiety and depression has shown a decrease in symptoms after 12 sessions of hatha yoga.
  10. 54% of yoga practitioners said that yoga helps them release tension.
  11. According to yoga injury statistics, yoga deteriorates 21% of existing injuries and triggers musculoskeletal pain in 10% of cases.
  12. The average yogi is willing to spend $40 to try yoga once.m
  13. 8% are willing to spend about $100 to get a memorable yoga experience.
  14. 66% of yoga practitioners do at least one class per year in an experimental setting.
  15. 40% of yoga practitioners in the US say that it motivates them to eat healthy.
  16. 94% of yoga practitioners say they do yoga for wellness-related reasons.
  17. 15 minutes of yoga practice everyday changes the brain’s chemistry and boosts mood.
  18. There are over 100 styles of yoga.