Yakuzen = Chinese food therapy (medicinal cooking based on traditional Chinese medicine)

When I move to live in Singapore, one of my Japanese friend said to me “Do not forget, you are what you eat.”. In Tokyo, organic food is common and also there are many delivery service provides food directly from contract farmers which is strictly controlled its quality as it’s good for baby too. I had been using one of that delivery service in Tokyo also am trying to choose only like that food in Singapore too, and cook by myself as much as possible. Here I introduce one of my Yakuzen recipe which I learned from my Japanese friend who are an acupuncturist familiar with Chinese medicine. This is very easy and quick recipe, of course easy to get those ingredients in Singapore too.
Yakuzen is the dish using the foods in season based on the idea of ​​traditional Chinese medical science. Yakuzen improves the disorder of the body, fixes the balance of mind and body.
“Soup of lettuce and corn”
Soup using the lettuce and corn which has utilization action. Excrete excess water in the body, and eliminate swelling. Since lettuce has tranquilizing effect, it is recommended to take when you want to relax.
[Ingredients (2 servings)] ● sweet corn (cream style) 1 small can (190g)
● water 1 and 1/2 cups
● 2 pieces of lettuce
● 1/2 pieces consommé
● some salt
● some pepper
● some diced cut pieces of tomato
1. In a pan, add sweet corn and water, then boil.
2. Add consommé and mix well.
3. Add some salt and pepper.
4. Wash lettuce well and tear them in large pieces, then add in the pan.
5. Turn off the gas once boiled.
6. Put it in a serving dish then decorate the diced cut tomatoes on it.
200TTC Jul-Oct 2013 weekend