Why Yoga

I have always enjoyed exercising on my own till one day a girlfriend of mine asked me if I could sign up for exercise classes with her. I chanced upon a 4 months yoga class promotion. Since it was near my work place, I thought OK why not give it a try since I have not tried Yoga.
The day after my first class, as expected, my whole body was aching. The ache went off after a few days. Looking at the yoga schedule and reading up on the types of classes available, I decided to try Yoga Therapy which stated “beneficial for people with backaches, spinal problems, etc”. I am suffering from early degeneration of lower spinal. Some mornings, my back would hurt so much that I needed help to get off bed. Amazingly after a few weeks of Yoga Therapy, my back problems seems to ease off and best of all, after every class, I was looking forward to my next class. I thought to myself: “am I addicted to Yoga?” So I decided to google to find out more about Yoga.
Yoga, a Sanskrit word which means “union”, existed around 3000 B.C. Regular practice has mental and physical health benefits like better flexibility, strength, better breathing and stress reduction.
Mental benefits
Yoga asanas requires focus and concentration. With meditation techniques which helps us to watch our breath and how to disengaged from our thoughts as I imagined myself as a ‘ROCK’. More importantly Yoga emphasis on being in the moment can help relieve stress, as you learn not to dwell on past events or anticipate the future. That explains why I leave the class feelings stress free.
Better breathing
We breathe all the time so we don’t think much of it. Breathing exercise also known as pranayama. It helps us to focus our attention on our breath. Taking long deep breaths help to calm our nervous system and can also help those with nasal problems.
Physical health benefits
Yoga is suitable for both young and old, people of different fitness level and best of all, different body types. With regular practice, it helps us to gain flexibility, strength, balance and even weight loss. People with diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc have also benefitted from regular practice of yoga.
After 4 months of yoga, my backaches and frequent headaches seem to have eased off. However, with so many participants in the class and sometimes different teachers giving contradicting instructions, I was not sure if I was doing the asanas correctly and so I have decided to take up the 200 hrs teacher training course in hope to benefit further from this ancient art of YOGA!
From : Julie Ng (200hrs teacher training course)
Extract : http://yoga.about.com

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