Natto is good food for yogi

There is various kinds food nowardays and disorder of eating habits,diflection of nourishment,processed food and so on.
My parents loves vegetables,so I have been eating always vegetables since I was child.My father retired financial company in Tokyo 4 years ago and now he grow so many kids of vegetables with my mother in the countryside where my grand parents left for them.They don’t have to buy any vegetables in the supermarket.Whenever I go back to my parents with my kids,we go to the field to take vegetables and just eat them!!!so fresh and you don’t have to add anything else.Natural food is so good and the taste makes you relax.My father says that he touch the ground every day and feels that human beings return to the base(ground).Also when we do yoga,we feel the ground and stable!But not many people can have this situation like them,but the only thing that I can be the same as them is eating one food that I would like to introduce for everybody,also very good for vegetarian.
It is called Natto which is made from soybean.Japanese normaly eat with white rice,of course we have many ways to eat it and some characteristics are stinking and stickiness.It doesn’t sound good!!??!!
Natto is made from soybeans,which is immersed in water first.After this is steamed to make it softer.The final process is to ferment which is done by the distribution of Natto bacillus.
Natto has protein,calcium,fat,iron,potassium(K),Vitamins…etc…especially there are about 17% protein in 100grams of Natto as almost same as beef 18-20%.As Natto is rich in Vitamin K which is vital for producing blood coagulation factors and the protein delivered from soybeans and there are 4.7-7.6 grams dietary fiber in 100grams.This dietary fiber is the ingredient which is effective for eternal environment to be called Probiotics.It’s also known to function an antibacterial against O-157,E coli bacteria and Salmonera.Natto was used as a kind of medicine for epidemics such as dysentery,the typhoid fever in the old days when there was no antibiotic.
Natto has more splendid ingredients.Never ending….
To be healthy and strong we don’t have to choose just one food,we need balance like yoga.
I hope that yogi will try Natto and be healthy+strong+balanced!
Chikako Paris      200hrs/weekday

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