Why I yoga

At the beginning, why you come to yoga? For me, it’s quite simple. One of my friends told me that she want to organize a yoga class, she need to invite someone else to join in the class and we can share the fees.

When I go to the yoga class, I meet some new friends, we learn together and build a group chat to talk about the questions we met in yoga. I try hatha and also ashtanga, I also go to attend different teacher’s class. 

From no idea of yoga, I learn and practice. I absorb more knowledge about yoga, I learn more postures of yoga, I feel yoga deeply. 

I feel regret for missing the morning class just because of laziness, I feel happy if I can do a challenging posture which I can’t do previously. Yoga make me sweating, yoga make me happy, yoga make me full of energy, and yoga make me feel young. Yoga make me peaceful, and I can reconcile with the world around me.

If anytime you feel depressing, just go yoga. If one round is not enough, just attend 2 rounds.