Challenge of wheel pose

What  make me feel satisfaction in the day to day yoga practice? Definitely it’s what I can do wheel pose.

As an office lady, my shoulder is very tight, and I always feel my neck and waist is painful. I think that I need to do more back bend. In the back bend postures, wheel pose looks very nice and also very challenging. “Can I do it? It’s impossible.” I think at that moment.

After that, when I go to yoga, I always think about this and I really want to challenge it. How can I do? I go to yoga class twice a week and try my best to do every posture. I also practice the easy back bend postures at home.

Three months later, when I attend one yoga class, I lift myself up after those hard working. Even it’s not perfect wheel pose, even I can’t hold this pose long time, it doesn’t matter, I overcome my fear and I know I can do after keeping practice.