Let The Adventure Begin: The Exploration of Yoga

My first exposure to yoga was more than a decade back… Gosh, looking back I feel old. I was searching for an exercise regime that is lower in impact but at the same time allowed me to move my body and keep agile.

I really took to yoga after my first class, as the practice of the different asanas kept my body active but at the same time, it was so much more. It offered me the peace and calm I was in search of, albeit just for that 1 hour of class. Being able to empty my mind and just focus on the postures offered me the peace and calm that was so refreshing in today’s fast paced society. Much like what swimming did for me. The stillness and calmness of water enveloping you, and for a moment, time stands still and nothing else matters.

Ever since, I’ve been practicing yoga twice to thrice weekly, for the fitness element of it. I particularly enjoy hot flow classes and also yoga therapy classes. However, two to three years back, I found myself having the recurring query of “there has got to be more to yoga than just these different postures I’m doing”. My understanding of yoga was minimal at best and there was a need for that doubt to be answered.

The need to have a more in depth understanding of the asanas (not just blindly replicating them) and also explore the theory aspect of it is a driving factor as to why I begin my journey on this course. How both parts tie in together, the link between these 2 aspects was something I hope I’ll be able to get from the course.

So far, it has not disappointed. The class this first week was definitely intense and the theory aspects brought about some big concepts that appear contradictory to societal norms and difficult to grasp but definitively thought provoking and pushes one to look deeper into oneself. It has definitely been a tiring week, but an adventure I look forward to embarking and see where it leads me.