What motivated me to get started on a YTT

I really enjoy going for my yoga classes offered in my gym. It is very relaxing and I feel I get a good whole-body stretch which I seldom do. The trainer also teaches us well.

After attending a few classes of yoga, what I found was that just once a week of yoga is not going to be enough for me and I wanted to know the full spectrum of yoga so that I can practice on my own myself, even at home. I’m just so inspired, motivated and hungry to learn more that I feel that just being on the receiving end of the class is not going to satisfy my curiosity.

I began researching online where I can obtain resources to learn yoga fully and after reading different websites, I came across Tirisula Yoga studio and found their course suitable for me and my schedule. I then signed up for their June intake and I’m now into 2 weeks of training. By the time the course started, actually I have only learned yoga for about 3 months just once a week and I didn’t have an in-depth experience to begin with. But time is not something I worry because I know learning is lifelong. So actually midway through my course, I can say I have absolutely no regrets going ahead to do something I like and that I believe in.

Although I’m very curious to know what and how I will be transformed when I complete another 2 more weeks of training, I think I will also start missing finally completing this daily intense 30-day course that has already made a huge impact and change in my life. I really enjoy my course and the learning journey and everyday actually, I hope I can be a Yoga student for life too!