What motivated me to Yoga

I used to do gymnastics and dance when I was young, so flexibility and balance was something I had practiced very often. Fast forward to adulthood and I began to reduce my exercise routine to only jogging which I thought was sufficient to stay healthy. It took me a shoulder injury to help me realise that just cardio exercises alone wasn’t well-rounded enough and I also needed to build more muscles to prevent injuries from happening.

It was from my new gym I signed up with that I started strength training that made me stronger. I started attending strength training classes and also their yoga class offered. Many of the yoga poses (such as the wheel pose etc) became familiar to what I had done before when I was young and it’s simply amazing how my body can still remember to do them even after I have stopped practising my childhood sports for the past 30 years. It was also through Yoga class that I realised I can improve further on all my weak muscles that I hadn’t been developing that can help me to achieve doing the poses.

After I started both strength training and Yoga, I have seen a difference in my strength, stamina, endurance, range of motion, physical ability, muscular development and even my own attitude, belief, habits and lifestyle start changing.

I feel that yoga and strength training are complementary to each other and helps us in a more well-rounded exercise for a healthy lifestyle. It will also give you a sense of happiness and achievement when you can achieve doing the poses. If you have previously been more inactive or are new to exercise and want to get started in fitness, yoga will be a good and gentle place to get started.