How I found my Yoga course so far

I’m midway into my 200-hour YTT and here has been my journey:

– Waking up early to attend a 8am class has been difficult. However, I try my best and learned to sleep earlier and look at my own time-management to reduce unproductive hours wasted on areas that are counter-productive to my learning.

– Our trainers really make me look forward to learning and growing. Thanks to Sree, I learned to develop a learning attitude not only in Yoga but also in our general knowledge and in life as well. I have found that by instilling in myself a desire to learn something new everyday, my knowledge and perspective widened.

– Through Yoga’s philosophy, I have also learned to simplify my life. I used to shower with liquid soap that I pump from a plastic bottle that comes from another plastic refill packaging. I now make small adjustments in my lifestyle such as switching over to a bar soap that comes in cardboard packaging instead. I know this will make a positive impact to our environment and it makes me happy how small changes can make a big difference.

– Yoga has also helped me examine and look inwards more. I used to busy myself with the external world so much that I neglected my body internally. Learning about our body’s digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, blood components etc, has helped me gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of my own physical body. I have found that our good physical health should not be a given and we should take good care of our body holistically. Even giving our body more sleep is also treating it well.

– I have also learned that everyone is different and our physical abilities can be different at different points in time. Even though we may not be able to do certain asanas now, it doesn’t mean that we cannot train our body to do it in the future. Our body can improve if we put in enough time and effort to practice. Also, what we tell our mind is also very important to overcoming our fear. Just don’t be afraid to do any poses (even headstands) and we are already halfway there.

– I learned that Patanjali offered his solution in his yoga sutra how to help us union our body, mind and spirit to reach the ultimate state of bliss. I also learned that to be happy in life, lead a simple life, be happy, do what we like, and align our body and mind. I’m still trying to figure out the/my spirit part :p

– I’m very thankful I learned so many tips, techniques and good advice from the trainers. I’m very grateful to Sree, Paalu and Weiling for teaching us so much. I look forward to learning more from them and guiding me in this journey of how to be a good teacher.