Understanding My body structure and what works for me.

Yoga the union of mind body and Soul, to master the body one must be able to understand what kind of body he has and how to bring out the best in your given body. Observing my body and seeing how it function.


I honestly conclude that I have an ectomorphic body. I do have a fast metabolism and can easily stave off fat from accumulating in the body but have a challenging time bulking up due to my thin -boned structure. People like me benefit from a high caloric diet and fast intense weight training routine, focused on big muscle groups and compound-based exercises. Strengthening poses are best for building mass. People like me should ideally avoid fast passed yoga like vinyasa yoga if they want to build power and muscle mass. Vinyasa yoga is more intense, and it may help the body lose more calories than prevent muscles from being built.


Poses that are good for strength training dolphin pose as it strengthens all the abdominal muscles. The glutes the hamstrings and quads and open shoulder strengthening the trapezius and deltoids. Another good pose for strengthening will be the wheel pose. This energy pose stretches my pectorals and lungs, it also strengthens my biceps and triceps in my arms and my entire back spine, quads hamstrings in my legs. Overall, as an ectomorph it is very important for me to understand that I must focus on holding the poses for a longer time before transiting into the next posture therefore its crucial for me to activate the right muscle group to prevent injury during my practice



Yours Truly