Developing the power of non-reaction through the practice of Yoga.

If every action creates a reaction, then it’s how we response to that reaction that makes our character and how we progress in life. Reaction is the basis of any action and how we response is what we are perceived as by others. In yoga we learn the art of non-response and we are challenged to be the observer rather than the impulse reactor to the sensations that we are feeling.


This is clear in the practice of the asanas /posture, once the body achieves the posture desired by the asana, the practitioner is then challenged to be in the position for a longer duration each time to push the boundaries of the mind and the body and not to response to the direct discomfort of the body.  The practitioner focuses on the mind and his breath while ignoring the body going into a comfort state of bliss with the mind and breath and the body in the desired posture. In this moment the practitioner is deep within his practice and his mental fortitude strengthens and the ability not to response but to be aware of his body sharpens. He discovers the power of delayed gratification; discipline is added tremendously to his character skill set. With consistent practice of this level of dedication, the yoga practitioner will eventually be able to master his emotions and be aware of them yet detach himself away from responding to them immediately, as its clear, when we make any decisions based on purely emotions it has the tendency to be a weak one, that one split second of decision made could destroy what we have created this far. Therefore, practicing the art of not-responding but to be aware of it and its consequences is crucial as it gives us the upper hand in handling any situation we may face in life. After all one may say life is the accumulated responses to all the reactions based on our actions.


Yours humbly