Pranayama and Meditation the final asana in Yoga

If you mention the term yoga practitioner in the last decade, pictures of lean aesthetically muscled body frames and model like looking people will come to the mind. The internet is splashed with very muscled and pleasant looking bodies defying gravity with jaw dropping positions. And yoga has transformed itself into an aerobic form of exercise where the practitioner is looking forward to sweating and break into puddles across the yoga mat. The more the practitioner sweats, the more poses he accomplishes through grueling pain the better in-sync he/she is with yoga.


But one must pause and ask is this the main intention of yoga, mastering the gravity defying poses. One will be quite shocked to know not that is not the goal, the aim of yoga was to increase the life flowing energy known as Pranic energy in the body and to find oneness with the source.  The only way a yoga practitioner can do that is through the consistent daily practice of pranayama and meditation. The chakras or the portals of energy in our bodies rely on the intensity of the Pranic energy to spin glow and harmoniously radiate with each other. Pranic energy can only be stored through meditation and pranayama. Its time we as yoga practioners bring forward the importance of pranayma and meditation to the frontiers of yoga, as its loosing its identity and the masses are seeing meditation and pranayama as a weak and subtle limb in the pratice of yoga. We must never forget that the greatest masters and yogis of yoga receive the highest attaintment in yoga through the pranayama and meditaion and not through the asanas and breakiing into sweat pools of pespiration during their pratice .


Meditation is the only magic in the world and the only miracle -Osho


Yours truly