Bhakti Yoga Searching the god in me

As a believer in the Hindu faith, I was told never to question rituals and practices, it was ingrained into my daily life since a very young age. I Would observe my mum waking up at early morning, cold shower and standing in-front of the prayer room altar, eyes closed mind fixated on the deity and hands tightly clasped in prayer position. The sound of the prayer bell followed soon after and the smell of incense and camphor filled the house. It was a daily ritual, and it brought some order to what seems to be a chaotic life as it was as though someone was looking out for me, and I had a special friend that I could tell my secrets to and be assured that I would get good grades for my exams if I placed my pen in-front of the deity and use that pen during my exams.


As I grew up. it was funny to continue to do all the things as logic was starting to question me and most of the times you know God being God cannot be confined to any altar room nor time.  But the feeling I get when I perform my rituals got even more stronger and intense, my conviction and the belief of a super being watching over me did not came from the idol nor the prayer room. It came from me. It came from my hearth, it came from my deep self, that wherever I go I can instantly tap on this reserve of infinite conviction if I allow myself to.


All those years of practicing a daily ritual did not make the idol in the prayer room more powerful but it made me more refined and more loving in my heart and wherever I go and whatever I do I carry the song of my bhakti

(devotion) in the smallest things that I do, and it creates happiness in the toughest situation and humility in my happiest moments to know that everything is a reflection and grace of the one through me.


Ever searching within me

Yours Truly


‘The path to myself will only reveal the divinity in me”