The beginning of my meditation jouney

2020 should have been a year when we take everything slowly and pausing for longer. However, I realized that this has been one of the most productive years of my life. I’ve never spent so much time learning about myself, checking in with myself to see how I felt throughout the day.

This is also the year when I decided to give meditation a try and have the discipline to turn it into a habit. My main motivation was: I wanted to be more disciplined in my lifestyle and have more control of my mind. I struggle a lot in focusing on 1 thing and I get distracted very easily – which is affecting me negatively on my daily productivity.

I joined a WhatsApp group from friends to give it a try the abundance challenge for 21 days from Deepak Chopra. 

I started off really motivated and each day I was really looking forward to receiving the daily task and meditation recording. Yes, every day we would receive a daily mantra with its explanation was not only just the 10 min meditation but also a daily mantra as well as some assignment around the theme of the day.

All the way to the 10th class I started to be very distracted also by external factors, unfortunately, by the 12th class, I gave up completely. 

After a couple of weeks, when my routine came back again, I felt the need to pick the meditation back again. I realized that even without seeing much results, I quite enjoyed the journey each day. My thoughts were still hard to be controlled but when there are even a few seconds of that inner quiet and emptiness, it makes it worth it. 

My second attempt is with headspace the APP, this time I created my own routine. Since I was working at home, I needed a morning good habit routine before opening my laptop. 

I would start with a 15/20 min warm-up yin yoga practice, just 3 or 4 poses to stretch and wake up the body. This would help me to focus more also during meditation. As I tried the other way around and it was much harder for me to focus. 

Following the warm-up I would play a 10 min meditation with Mid body and it’s a great tool for beginners as it does guide you through the different techniques on maintaining the focus throughout the session. Some examples that I would recall: focusing on your breath, shifting your focus from the top to the bottom of the body, making sure to check-in on different points of the body.

From time to time I’d also attempt a silent meditation without any music, voice-over to help, and surprisingly It was much easier than I thought. 

This habit lasted for 3/4 months until I started my YTT and came across pranayama practices.

I cannot say that I established a pranayama meditation habit but it’s definitely on my to-do list. 

As you can see, this is just the beginning of a very long road into the meditation journey. I think I’m definitely committed to improve, even by reading back my notes I can see that I made some baby steps forward. 

To sum up, from this experience. The outcome is really not important, as long as you enjoy this journey, no need to stress yourself of the target/ result. It will come.

I hope this was even a little encouragement for you to take on the meditation challenge. Don’t give up!