Stimulate detoxification

Through yoga, I found myself showered in smelly sweat while comparing with other exercises.

Finally, I have found the answer during YTT 200 hours yoga training. Each of every yoga posture provide a perfect way to give our body an extra squeeze! It feels like giving our internal organ a deep solid massage.

I will use twisting posture as one of the illustrations for this article. When we twisted our body to the back, this will give our internal organs (e.g. liver, intestines etc), abdominal muscle and activate endocrine system (e.g. adrenal glands) an indirect compression massage. This indirect compression massage will help our internal organs and system to detox more effective and efficiently by squeezing out the toxin diffusion into blood as waste material and removal from our body through sweat.

Meanwhile, this twisting posture will also increase the blood flow circulation to our digestive organ to optimise function of stomach and intestine.