Yoga is sublet of physiotherapy

Before engaged YTT 200 hours yoga training course, I have encountered this back pain while performing tuladandasana posture (warrior 3). This back pain had been troubling me for 2 months and I did not know what was the reason that causing my back pain.

On the first day of the YTT 200 hours yoga training course, both of the yoga masters noticed that I have slightly scoliosis while performing forward bending posture. The masters taught me a new therapy posture by squatting down and try to bend my upper body forward to the left side and move toward the right side. After trying out the therapy posture on the spot, I felt relief on my back pain. The masters ask me to do the therapy and twisting postures daily to recover and improve my scoliosis pain.

After following the master’s instruction for 2 weeks, I sensed great relief on my back pain and my scoliosis pain has recovered. Sincerely thankful and appreciate !!!