How yogi system apply to my life style ?

In yoga philosophy, there are three Gunas/qualities, sattvic, rajasic and tamasic.

Tamasic is the state of darkness such as think negatively, inactive and consume tamasic food (e.g meat, processes food etc).

Rajasic is the state of energy action, excessive thinking and consume those food which over stimulate the body and mind (e.g bitter, sour, spicy and sweet).

Sattvic is the state of purity, health and consumer sattvic food such as grains, nuts and so on.

Sattvic is the guna that yogi looking forward to archived. If the food taken in pure, the life style will slowly turn into purity, health and positive pattern. Besides that, diet is one of the essential to bring inner peace to the body and mind and encourage spiritual progress.

After few days of the course, I have started toward sattvic life style. In order to increase sattvic I have reduced both rajasic and tamasic. Slowly change my diet into sattvic food and slow down my hectic day by sighting and listening to the surrounding and environment around us.

While goes into sattvic on daily basis it will transform life eventually. Slowly, our life style turning to unattached to both good and bad of quality life.