Detachment in self-studies helps me a lot in self-upgrading via doing spring cleaning for my life. Not just only for the house cleaning, but also for the hobbies, thoughts, planning and etc. Subconsciously, we tend to feel ‘rich’ when we have abundance of things in life, but in real life, out of those 20 pieces of tops that one has, there will be always that 5 pieces frequently worn.

Just like before throwing anything out of the house, items will be laid on the floor and to be selected which will not be used anymore, too old and torn to be used anymore, brings bad or traumatic memories, these are all ready to be packed and thrown. Whatever left to be kept do not only makes the closet less packed, this makes us clearly see what we actually lack off and needing, and also allows more new items to be fit in to make our lives better.

As for the hobbies or thoughts or planning, these can also be listed down and filtered through, whichever not beneficial to the current and near future life, outdated and traumatic ones, all can be discarded out. Whatever passed are all history and to be archived as memories. One important note to self while doing the filtering work: Whatever not useful for current life, don’t keep and stop thinking I still can keep it for future use, because this will never come.  From here we can see that whatever left are what currently defines us, and also allow more space to learn and absorb more things. Through this, negative energies can be lessen internally to allow positive ones in.

Learn to let go, there only the new beautiful things will come. Now it’s time to do some listing and filtering work.

Note to self: Collection and keeping in abundance are 2 different thing.