Thoughts on Energy in Yoga

There’s always a balance in everything in this world: strong & weak, pretty & ugly, positive & negative, poor & rich, & etc. Lessons in YTT opens up my mind to another point of view which has never came across my head regarding spirits and paranormal activities.

Science told us that energy cannot be destroyed but has always been recycled into different forms and stronger energy will overcome the weaker energy, however, the positivity or negativity of the energy can only be explained via Yoga, that is: comes with the intention behind the used of energy: Positive ones makes the surrounding comfortable and people happy; negative is harmful and dark.

Below are some examples of scenarios regarding knowledge of energy which I find interesting and make sense (do correct me if I’m wrong):

Have you every wonder where does the energy in our body goes to after we die? Like I mentioned before, energy cannot be destroyed. Scientifically, every action will produce reaction and release of energy. Every food we eat will produce energy to our body to work. So when the body decomposes, actions happen, hence there will be released of energy into different forms into the earth. But I do believe certain percentage of the energy will turn into aura form, and that’s how human might feel or see the passing people.

Do you believe there’s another ‘dimension’ our eyes cannot see? I do believe there’s one which sometimes crisscross in our daily lives, and I respect that as it is a place we are not supposed to cross to, and we have no business to do that. Like my father always told me whenever I go to any foreign place and I don’t ‘feel’ right, just whisper, ‘I’m not here to do harm, but if I cause any uncomfortness, I apologize.’ I mean, c’mon, those who live in the other dimension are ‘people’ too, right? Courtesy is never wrong. Just remember, words are powerful, if, you mean every word that comes out of your mouth.

Every one of us do have positive and negative energy inside us, we just have to balance it well. Good people have more positive ones and hide of the bad ones, and vice versa. The current world is cruel and unhappy, isn’t it better to spread more positive ones by providing more good doings to yourself and the surrounding to balance the negativity off?

Exhale out the negative energy and see the world with a beautiful smile. 🙂