What's Next?

From the words “Yoga Teacher Teaching Course”, it brings an impression to think that the course designs for people who wants to be a Yoga Teacher. For me, I would say is a Yes/No.

The main reason that I signed up for this course is not to be a Yoga Teacher and I know myself very well that I’m not a teacher material. I always find difficult in explanation, not only in teaching but also communication. Sometimes, I will just keep quiet instead of explaining myself even though people misunderstood me. I know it’s not a good thing, I’m trying to work on it.

So far we had conducted 2 teaching classes between the classmates. During the preparation, I always assembled and rehearsal several time in my head. I know when come to real, it wouldn’t be smooth as what I thought it’s going to be like.  It really needs to take a lot of real practices between people to people. “Practice makes perfect!”

For now I won’t think that I’m going be a Yoga teacher after the course. Maybe sometime in future, who knows?!  Or maybe I will be a very successful Yoga Teacher 😉 The only thing that I’m sure about is my passion to Yoga. Nothing will stop me practicing and keep learning.

I highly recommend people who practice yoga regularly to take YTTC even if you do not wish to be a Yoga teacher. As it’s really useful and the knowledge you learned from the course is beyond what you think about YOGA.

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