Chakra – My Aura Reading

When Master Paalu taught us in the class, I was very curious and excited as I never heard of it before. We got to experience it in the class by guidance of Master Paalu. We partner each other of 2, and sitting face to face with a very near distance in a dark room and concentrate by  looking at each others’ eyes. Slowly you will see some color formed along his/her body.

An aura or a human energy field is a magnetic field that surrounds each living being and is sometimes described as a colored emanation or body around a human body or any animal object. The aura is comprised of seven layers or bodies–the physical, astral, lower, higher, spiritual, intuitional and absolute planes. They typically reveal traits and qualities of your energy or personality and affect and the colors may be read and referenced against your most open chakras. Your aura can provide insight into aspects of your spiritual, emotional and physical life.

My aura color is violet, it represents dynamic, charming and confident. creativity and enlightenment.

Violet represents the Crown Chakra, the area above the brow that stimulates the thought process and channels spirituality.

 These people are not exactly outgoing by nature, but they do love to interact with others and travel to far-off places in order to broaden their horizons and learn something new. 

Their natural leadership and intelligence can be mistaken for arrogance, or worse, even as narcissism.

They are in sync with their emotions as well as those of others, making them empathize with the feelings of others around them.

Purple personalities are curious and inquisitive, and love to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the fields that interest them. Those interacting with these personalities describe them as interesting and knowledgeable.

Their keen sense of intuition helps them delve into the future and enhance their decision-making ability.

 On the negative side, violets auras can lead people to become too materialistic, especially if they have not had their spiritual awakening.


Is it accurate?
I would say majority yes, the readings are quite accurately at some points. 


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