Dedication to You

I pondered long and hard what the last syllabus-required post should be. I looked through all the different categories and finally after much deliberation, I felt it timely to dedicate this post to the following:

To Paalu – Thank you, Paalu for creating Tirisula Yoga (TY). TY reminded me a lot of my days in China, when I embarked on my long-term relationship with yoga. My ex-instructor couldn’t emphasize enough on the human anatomy, the alignment and not compromising just for the sake of achieving a certain pose; these were exactly what TY advocated. It made me felt like finally there’s a studio in Singapore that knew what it was doing.

To Weiling – Thank you, Weiling for being the “friendly silent killer”. It’s amazing how I love to attend your lessons (it’s true) even though I felt like killing myself every time after your class and I ached like there’s no tomorrow. I reckoned that could be due to your calm and affable demeanor 😀

To the coursemates – Thank you for being such a superb bunch. Your positive energy was no less than overwhelming. It really reminded me of the good old school days when everyone faced the same challenge (i.e. YTT assessment), and was more than happy to share with one another so that we could get through this together. The support was unparalleled, and I was truly grateful for it. Whatsapp group was an amazing idea (thank goodness for tech) and hopefully we do keep in touch after YTT.

To the body – Thank you for pulling it through, particularly the Good Friday weekend when you succumbed to fever but still managed to become well enough to attend the classes (trust the mind, it told you yoga would heal you.). Even though you were still not able to execute all the poses that I would have loved for you to achieve by this weekend, I still love you.

To the mind – Thank you for not giving up. I acknowledged that it was tough. Well, nobody said it would be a breeze. Thank you for letting the heart take over this time round and taking the plunge to sign up for YTT. No regrets.

The past 2.5 months of Weekend YTT had been wonderful.

 Hou Lijun

Weekend YTT March 2018 Course

Blogpost 4/4

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