What did I learn from story of Osho

Over the past years, i have came across Osho’s public speech when I was browsing Youtube to learn skills of public speaking and influencing. I got very interested at him and watched lots of short video clips of his talk. His ideas were very contemporary, he’s interpretation about sex, money, love etc, are unconventional but liberating. He’s no doubt a man of wisdom and full of charm.  And he has been one of the most commercially successful Indian Guru in the world.

Below are what I have learned from Osho:

  • He’s not a religious man, he’s a spiritual man, a philosopher. This appeals to wider audience especially intellectuals around the world, while religions always have their restrictions in terms of race, culture, geography, education etc.
  • It’s very smart of him utilizing the specific energy of human being: sex. Sex is a very powerful concept. It is innate desire, and psychologically relates to SHAME in most of the dominating cultures, and the desire of sex are always supressed. Osho tells people to enjoy the sex, release the energy, don’t stay in miserable marriage just because of the society expect you to. I can imagine how powerful and liberating this concept must be to those wealthy and educated people, the decent people.
  • He knows money is important, and he found the organization as a corporation. He’s financially successful. I respect that. Money is always useful.
  • He chose women admirer to be his secretary. Women who admire him, worship him, in love with him and are willing to do anything for him (especially at the beginning). He chose Sheela, he saw her energy, her passion and obsession towards him, her drive, and her determination. This crazy girl will do anything to impress him. He chose her, he gave her power, she worked her ass off for him, but he’s always above her, he’s never hers.  She’s crazy, but it’s ok. Because later she got into trouble, he blames everything onto her. “She betrayed me, she committed the crimes. It’s all her fault.” So convenient.
  • I have noticed lots of people describe him as: “a beautiful human being”. He’s a bald man with long hair and long beard, always in glamourous long traditional dress, shiny diamond watch, always looking calm and smiling. He moves slow, he moves his hands, but not his feet or head, I imagine that helps.
  • Osho is not saint, nor God, he’s a very smart human being but he has his limit, he has achieved as much as his ability allows.

In the future when I have time I will read more investigation and studies about him to understand better. his life story is Amazinggggggggggggggg.



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