Pilates Reformer
Instructor Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our Pilates Reformer Instructor Course. Learn the art of teaching Pilates on the Reformer machine, gaining in-depth knowledge of techniques, modifications, and class sequencing. Led by experienced instructors, this comprehensive course equips you with the skills to guide clients in achieving strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness.

Through a combination of theory, practical sessions, and hands-on training, you’ll master the principles of Pilates and refine your teaching abilities. Dive into the biomechanics of the Reformer, understand its versatile applications, and explore creative variations to tailor workouts for clients of diverse levels. Join us and become a certified Pilates Reformer instructor, empowering others to discover the transformative benefits of this dynamic and highly effective exercise method.

Be a certified Pilates Reformer Instructor with us!


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What could be expected?

In the Pilates Reformer Instructor Course, students can learn:

  1. Principles of Pilates: Understand the fundamental principles that form the basis of the Pilates method, such as breath control, concentration, centering, precision, and flowing movement.
  2. Reformer Machine: Gain in-depth knowledge of the Reformer machine, including its parts, functions, and how to set it up for different exercises.
  3. Proper Alignment: Learn how to guide clients in achieving correct body alignment during Reformer exercises to ensure safety and optimal results.
  4. Exercise Techniques: Master a wide range of Pilates exercises specifically designed for the Reformer, including both beginner and intermediate levels.
  5. Modifications and Progressions: Understand how to modify exercises to accommodate different fitness levels and address individual needs, as well as how to progress clients to more advanced variations.
  6. Cueing and Verbal Instructions: Develop effective communication skills to provide clear and concise instructions to clients during classes, guiding them through proper form and movement.
  7. Class Sequencing: Learn how to create well-rounded and balanced Pilates Reformer classes, incorporating various exercises and targeting different muscle groups.
  8. Teaching Methodology: Gain insights into effective teaching techniques, including class planning, demonstration, observation, and feedback to create a positive and engaging learning environment.
  9. Client Assessment: Acquire the ability to assess clients’ needs and goals, customize workouts, and provide appropriate modifications or adaptations based on individual abilities or limitations.
  10. Safety and Injury Prevention: Understand essential safety guidelines, contraindications, and precautions to ensure a safe and injury-free environment for clients.
  11. Professional Ethics: Learn about professional standards, code of conduct, and client confidentiality to maintain ethical practices as a Pilates Reformer Instructor.

Throughout the course, students will have practical hands-on training, theoretical knowledge, and opportunities for observation and practice teaching to develop their skills and confidence as Pilates Reformer Instructors.

Theory components:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Understand the basic concepts of the human body’s anatomy and physiology relevant to Pilates, including skeletal system, muscular system, joints, and planes of movement.

  • Biomechanics: Gain knowledge about the principles of movement, biomechanical principles, and how they apply to Pilates exercises on the Reformer.

  • Pilates Principles: Study the core principles of Pilates, including breath control, concentration, centering, precision, and flowing movement, and their significance in the practice.

  • 5 Basic Principles to be applied in exercises and link it with anatomical knowledge.
  • History and Philosophy of Pilates: Explore the origins, development, and philosophies behind the Pilates method to gain a deeper understanding of its principles and evolution.

  • Exercise Analysis: Analyze and break down specific Pilates exercises performed on the Reformer, understanding the targeted muscle groups, movement patterns, and proper form.


What will be given?

  • Pilates Training Manual
  • Anatomy slides
  • List of muscles to learn
  • Log-sheets to record teaching hours

What is expected of the student?

  • To be familiar with the 5 basic principles and application to the Reformer exercises 
  • Commitment to learn body anatomy and its application to the exercises
  • Perform and execute the Reformer exercises with precision
  • Create lesson plans for various themes and population
  • Teach a class with confidence, with clear cueing and adjustments


  • Theory Exam with 60 multiple choice questions. (60% to pass)
  • Practical Exam: The examiner will give you a list of 10 exercises to perform. (60% to pass)
  • Teaching Exam: Teach a Pilates Reformer class 


Course Duration

  • 8 days of course + 1 day of exam (4 hrs daily, total 36hrs)
  • Complete 20hrs of teaching your friends/family
  • Complete 30hrs of reformer practice (at our studio, other studios or at home if you have reformer)
  • 20hrs of self-study: Muscles and anatomy
  • 20hrs of lesson planning and preparation of class
  • 14 hrs of project work
  • Total 140hrs


To obtain the Certification, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the required hours as listed above and email us the recorded logsheets.
  2. Pass all three sections of the exam as listed above.
    • If you didn’t pass a section, a re-exam is available at MYR200 per section.

Course Fee:

Standard fees: MYR 9500
Early bird fees: MYR 8500 (Sign up at least 8 weeks in advance)

Full payment is required upon registration.


July / Aug Weekends 2023
Sat & Sun (12 to 4pm)
Course days: 29, 30 July,  5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 Aug
Exam: 17 Sep 2023

March Weekdays 2024
Mon, Wed & Thurs (11am to 3pm)
Course days: 11, 13, 14, 18, 20, 21, 25, 27 March
ExaL 25 Apr 2024

If you have a group of 4 or more, we can arrange a preferred date just for you. Contact us via WhatsApp or message us below. Let’s get started!

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