My Yoga Journey

I learned about yoga in 2016, I was shifting from my active outdoor exercise to explore something my calming myself. It helps to keep my mind off other things around me and focusing on myself during the practice. The practice go on and off for couples of years, my knowledge about yoga is very limited. In the end of 2021, I made a decision to enrolled in 100Hrs Hatha Yoga teacher training class so that I would commit to do some regular exercise and I could learn more about yoga and body alignment to help me with my practice and hopefully reducing my body stiffness.

The challenge I had was, I barely practice or exercise before I join the class. There are so many things that I couldn’t do even I though I realized that it’s a simple posture. It because I haven’t been continuing practicing yoga before I enrolled to the course. All the failure poses I made teach me to let go of expecting fast achieving of something. There are things that we can only achieve with consistency of practices and times, there’s no shortcuts for your body. It is also something which I could relate and adapt into the other aspect of my life. 

Although it’s a challenge that I need to face weekly and adding some tension to my tight schedule. I really think I made a good decision to decided to coming back to this yoga journey again.