I left this article to write about my experience of learning YOGA in a different country and with a different language. Since I was a little girl, I was always a hard worker at school till today and … why? Because I wasn´t one of those people who had it easy, but it help me found my path in life. Don´t get me wrong I know that everyday we need to find ourselves, but my believes are strong and helps me to know how to work with my pros and cons in life.

Everything I´ve been living wasn´t easy for me, but here I am in Tirisula Studio getting a YTT200 degree. I knew it was going to be challenging because is something out of my comfort zone.


What did I experience?


It was a lot of learning, obviously! For me the most interesting part is how multicultural yogi group was formed. I thought I was going to meet just Asian people, but for some kind of reason we were from all around the world. Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Chinese and Mexico. Lots of countries, right ?

Everyone was there taking a full month of yoga classes, the reasons why everyone was there were the most random like marriage, vacation, work, holidays, etc. but all of us were willing to learn the bases of yoga.

Time was going fast and we start to know each other more and more. The most incredible thing I start realizing was a lot of them were looking for their path and how to find their goal in life, everyone struggles with that at some point.

They were looking for answers and I hope they found it. “But, why? They don’t see what I see?” They have everything inside themselves to get wherever they decide to go. They can break any Karma right here right know! They are so talented, so powerful and so intelligent. They have being looking for an answer that is not an answer is just to let it be! I said myself.

The last day I realize it! Tirisula is the place where we needed to be to clear, solve, reach and live thought yoga.