IT IS NOT A LIE – Yoga helps to delay the AGING PROCESS

Our bodies are like clocks and one day we are going to stop ticking. Everything in our body is constantly aging but why does this happen and how can we slow down the process?

What does aging mean? For some, it means growing up, while for others, it’s growing old. Yet finding a strict scientific definition of aging is a challenge. What we can say is that aging occurs when intrinsic processes and interactions with environment, like sunlight, and toxins in the air, water, and our diets, cause changes in the structure and function of the body’s molecules and cells. Those changes in turn drive their decline, and subsequently, the failure of the whole organism.

We cannot stop aging process, as human bodies aren’t build for extreme aging. Our capacity is set at about 90 years. But with yoga practice, it is helpful to delay human aging process. The study published by the US National Library of Medicine shows that yoga combined with meditation, helps to delay the aging process and prevent the onset of many different diseases. After 12 weeks of YMLI (Yoga and Meditation Based Lifestyle Intervention), there was significant improvement in both cardinal and metabotropic biomarkers of cellular aging compared to the baseline values.

I think Yoga is helpful in delaying aging process in the below ways:

  1. People who practice yoga eat more mindfully, Yogis believe vegetable and fresh food have more energy (prana) than the stale food or meat. It helps with the digestion system, stimulate the cleansing process to detox.
  2. Yoga Asanas improve the body flexibility. Many asana poses help requires the body to twist or to stretch. It significantly increase the flexibility with practice. Flexibility will reduce your change of getting injured physically as it increases the muscle balances. My grandma is 70 years old, and she often walks very fast. Hence she fell and hurt her knees a few times during winter times, it was like once a year. But surprisingly she did not hurt her bones, considering fall down is very dangerous for people at her age. My family believe it is because my grandma always do some kind of stretches regularly. It helps to withstand more physical stress when she walks or fall down.
  3. Yoga Pranayama and Meditation helps people to maintain a positive state of mind. People look younger when they are in good mood. That is why sometimes we will be surprised by how young a people looks for his/her age and vise versa. In Yoga, we believe Pranayama and Meditation help people to clean the energy channels to make sure the chakra is not blocked. In another word, it helps people to clean their thoughts and mind so that they get more energy to deal with different challenges in daily life and still keep a positive mind.

Never give up on Yoga!!