I love yoga

I love yoga.  I have been miserable, living day to day without purpose before I took up yoga.  Yoga as opened up my eyes and thoughts.  I am a happier person, more positive about life.  I hope that I can share my experience with others, to help others be a better and happier person.  But I was concern on whether if I was ready or good enough.   I decided to give it a go and enrolled for the teacher course.  You will never know if you never try.  As I embark on this journey, I realized that we can never be ready, we can never be prefect enough.  We can improve, be better today than yesterday by learning more.  I am benefitting a lot from the course.  It teaches us the in-depth knowledge about yoga.  It can even help those with certain medical conditions.   For example, various poses will strengthen certain muscle groups.  For someone who has a hunch posture, cobra and plank pose would help to rectify it.  Someone who is an avid runner who have tight hamstrings, the downward dog would help to loosen it.  I would even dare to say yoga is able to treat all problems related to skeletal and muscles.  I hope to be a good yoga teacher one day and able to help those in need.