Fight against Covid19 through yoga

Classes have continued even when we have this virus going around. Initially everyone is fearful of how the virus could have spread.

In an enclosed yoga room, we sweat and breath in the same air. Many studios have done a great job in sanitizing the mat more often and want their student to wash their hands before and after class. Instructors try to reduce contact with students or require everyone to sanitize their hand before and after class. Students are advised not to come to class if unwell.  I think even when you cough in the class, everyone will look at you and think of “Wuhan!!

Putting the environment aspects aside, its still our physical and mental strength that are helping us get over it. Our mind plays a big role in fighting all viruses and prevent them from attacking us.

It can also put up a strong fight under attack and put ourselves in safe mode.

Yoga, like all kind of exercises, builds our immune system. So keep exercising, drink plenty of water and don’t forget to wash our hands regularly.

# Relax and keep breathing