Recently I have read some articles of my friend’s life experience. It am deeply touched.

She lives an extreme and wonderful life.

Her family always preferred boys to girls, but she was emulative. She has always proved that she is better than a boy. She started looking for herself when she was in university , and felt that school life was too boring, so she decided to buy and sell things online, but not ordinary business. She found Chinese antique calligraphy and painting, and then found some overseas merchants to buy calligraphy and painting online. She has changed her real name, no one noticed, so she made a lot of money in university .

She started to travel around, and went to many places when she was very young.

But she felt disillusionment and frustration when she came back. It may be that everyone thinks of traveling around the world as a life dream, so she has expectations for the distance. But after traveling for a few years, She found that all places are the same, people go through the same life process, and human nature is the same everywhere. Even her most interested culture seems to have based on the survival and management, just like the different habits of different people. She started to feel very bored, very lonely, and nowhere to go. So, she completely focused on her work and began to work hard for the dream of wealth. At the same time met different men to find her dream of romantic love. In the end someone who was rich and renown proposed to her , suddenly she realized all these were not she want, she was sick, mental sick, She was very confused and lost. From childhood to age, the values ​​that her family and society instilled into her seemed to be slowly falling down. Suddenly, She lost any idea of ​​making money, and didn’t know what She wanted. Someone asked “what would you spend if I gave you one billion”? She can always think about how to spend money. But when the money really came to her and She could get it by just reaching out her hand, she wondered what she struggled for, and what the whole society frantically worshiped, suddenly turned into a bubble-like illusion. Life suddenly became like a distorted dream. As soon as she  stepped in, she could no longer find the center of gravity.

after a long time locked herself at home, she decided to travel again. This time her life totally changed…

she resigned her high paying job and moved to Bali, and became a country girl. Everyday is staying with flowers, fruits, plants and insects. Many years past, she is still in Bali, and well protected by universe and Mother Earth. The question “Who am I?” in her mind becomes  more and more clear, she lives the life as she is.Be herself is the most happy thing.

She is existence! We are existence! Our life is existence! Whatever happen just let it be as it is. Let the life flow as it is.