Self-reflection exercises started when I decided to take a break from the life I used to live in. I stood at that high corner of my room, where the window sill, wall and ceiling met (imaginatively) and look at myself working around the room in a day. Do I feel grateful to what I have right now? Do I want more? If it is, what is it?

I could be the biggest book worm anyone would ever met, and I slept on self-help books on the 3rd page. And today, I would like to admit that, it wasn’t because I was too stubborn to absorb something new, I was too afraid to admit that I need guidance to improve on how to be able to live in this world. Who am I? And what’s my role here?

Understanding the spiritual part of yoga for a month now, might not be able to answer to those questions of mine yet, but I’m glad that I gained a proper guide and exercise on how to answer myself, truthfully. And I’ve prepared a lot more exercises, to be more grounded, to be closer and listen more to myself.

I suppose this break isn’t just about being fair to myself, it is more to those who love and care about me.

And I have to admit, this is the best decision I have ever taken in my whole life. Although there are things to be compromised, but I always believe that there’s a will, there’s always a way. But look here *imitating Master Sree*, just make sure the will doesn’t cause harm to anybody. 🙂

You only live once. Leave this world proud with no regrets.