Dawn, not Dusk.

I pondered (and spoke) very long before doing it,

Yet I was still not as prepared and that worried me more than a bit.


I thought I was fit but I was nowhere near my classmates,

Their poses alignment more beautiful that what I had seen to date,

Their strong core and flexibility was beyond my imagination,

They inspired me to have new ambitions!


The pace of the course was fast and intense,

But Heightened Alert (HA) gave me some time to build up my defense,

I tried to use that time to practice,

To do something other than play with my niece.


I was lucky to meet very nice people in class,

They were helpful and encouraging when some of the poses I did not pass,

The teachers were also patient and kind,

These are the real perks I didn’t mind!


Physical practice, theory, planning and executing a class,

Sometimes it felt like the stress was going to shatter me like glass,

But I pranayama-ed and promise to persevere,

To take on of the most challenging (and enriching) course with no fear.


The course is ending soon,

But I feel that this is just the beginning of the boon,
I have become stronger both body and mind,

A different me I find.


I took a leap and never looked back,

Got more than I thought I lack,

I may teach or I may not,

But practice I definitely have to, a lot!