My current favorite yoga pose – The classic Headstand

The classic headstand is probably one of the first inversions any yogi would want to learn and master. In earnest, I worked hard to make sure I could get into a headstand before Yoga Teacher Training began. The process of getting to the headstand proved that progress took time and patience was key. Initially, I could barely manage to hold still in bear hug and when I could, I tried lifting my legs, but ended up flailing because I didn’t know where my legs were. I was very grateful for all the teachers I’ve met, who’ve tried to prop me up and guide me into the pose. On some days, I could hold longer, on others, I could not. I knew that I could not be attached to the results of my practice and just keep going on. 

Holding onto the headstand requires immense concentration and slow, deep breaths. In learning how to be still in headstands, I’ve also learnt how to be calmer off the mat, when chaotic situations arise. It’s important not be distracted by the noise and follow our inner intuition. 

The yogic’s journey is not about a fixation on perfection, but about taking tiny steps towards progression. Even after I’ve found my balance in headstands, there’s still tons of ways to practice it – hold it longer, try the pike, hold it with a splits. This process has humbled me. It is also a good reminder that this is a life-long journey and not a sprint. The classic headstand is, indeed, the first step to being still in an inversion and a lot more resilient to curveballs life throws at us. 

Written by: HT (2/4)