The eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga

The Philosophy of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga made a deep impact on me.

The asanas practice and the pranayama are the two limbs that  instill me with a sense of calm.

What has been truly amazing are the friends and people I have encountered and become close to.

The childhoods that they had and the horrific situations they have been in made me count my blessings related to my childhood.

Also talking to them has made me realise the resilience human beings have and how to channel  anger into non violence or ahimsa toward the person who caused them so much pain and heartbreak.

My teammates amazing tolerance and understanding towards an older person-me during our class project convinced me they are already on their way to sadhna.

Weiling in her calm amazing way observing how much I wanted to do the headstand and then quietly suddenly coming to my aid to encourage me and voila I managed a headstand albeit for a minute.

The yamas and niyamas are all coming together slowly.

We all have different duties at different times.

The realisation that Sadhna for oneself is the most important and urgent duty throughout your life came to me from this course.

A few limbs of ashtanga yoga are already incorporated into my way of life, on a daily basis.

I am blessed and so grateful.

Army offspring!

25 October 2016