How it all began

I came in touch with yoga for the first time 3 years ago, with the thought of having a new form of exercise to lose weight. The very first class I tried out was Yoga core, and the intensity of the class got me into buying my first yoga package, with the intention of having a good workout.

Over the next few months, I was exposed to the different types of classes, and it got me interested in the dynamics of yoga. The different lesson styles gradually made me realize how yoga was not about the intensity of a workout, but also the focus and concentration in each class. I could still remember the very first time I suddenly managed to go into chaturanga dandasana, it felt like an inspired moment that made me realize why I enjoyed yoga. It wasn’t just because of the strength that I gained physically, but also the progressive improvement that comes with each session of practice. 

Being in a desk bound job, and working in a fast paced and competitive environment, Yoga soon became and avenue for me to release stress during the 1 hour of dedicated practice. It helps to give me a balanced mindset and to remain grounded as a person. The calmness and dedication yoga brings is interwined with my daily life and I am enjoying every part of it.


– Sharon Lee