Stumbling unto Yoga

My very first foray into yoga was probably when I tried practising at home with a YouTube tutorial playing in front of me. As I came across self-help articles and books on how to calm the mind and deal with insecurities, many pointed to yoga and meditation as a way of resolving the problem. After practising very basic poses at home, I decided to give it a try at a studio at Yoga Movement – which was introduced by my friend. But it wasn’t there that I found relaxation and serenity. I continued searching for the answer to calm the mind. My search for clarity and purpose in my life came to no avail even after going on exchange and traveling around Europe last Autumn, because I thought traveling was the answer to finding myself. When I returned home to Singapore in Jan 2016, I made a commitment to learn and practise yoga as I wanted to commit to learning something new. 

It was these multitude of factors – dealing with my insecurities, searching for life’s purpose and being more mindful – that brought me into the field of yoga. In my journey thus far, I have seen the powerful transformation of yoga on my life. It has taught me to let go of attachments to outcomes and judgments, and to be content and at peace with the present. I hope to share with others these little lessons I’ve learnt along the way and inspire them on their own yogic journey. 

Written by: HT (1/4)