There's nothing to complain about – Santosha

When I was younger, I always envy my classmates who could go for vacations during school holidays. I don’t have that privilege until I reached 20 years old. That was the age that I took my first airplane to overseas. Of course, first few vacations were mainly for shopping. Only recent years that I started to shift my purpose of overseas trip. I want to explore and experience nature and culture in other countries rather than shopping. As I travelled to countries like Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia and visited their villages. I realised that I have much more privilege than the villagers and I am still complaining that it is not sufficient. I have way much more advantages and opportunities and yet I am still not contented with what I have. After these trips, I do learn to be more appreciative of what I have now. Santosha in Yoga means contentment. Regular practicing of yoga and meditating will eventually make me incorporate this value in my life.       
Jeslyn YTT Jan’17