Mystery of the Chakras

I’ve had heard of Chakras before and that it had something to do with energy within the body, but never understood exactly what it was and that they involve colours, sounds, elements, that they are located in an upward straight line along the spine and that each Chakra has a particular number of petals.

Every Chakra (rotating wheel of energy) represents a state of consciousness, has its own energy and they don’t mix. We have seven main Chakras and they move in circular motion at different wave lengths. The state of your Chakras can be open, overactive or blocked. If I understood correctly you can experience negative consequences if one or more Chakras are blocked, the energy cannot flow through your body and you can develop physical complaints.

To have balance in your life and not become ill, depressed, anxious or sad we have to make sure that the Chakras remain open and unblocked.

The first Chakra is represented by the element Earth, in sanskrit this Chakra is named: Muladhara. It makes sure that you will feel stable, grounded, secure. You feel confident, and are present in the ‘here and now’. When this first Chakra does not function at an optimal level you can have an identity crisis, feel insecure and experience anxiety.

I did some online tests to find out if my Chakras are open or more or less blocked 🙂 I already had this feeling about myself, but it appears that my Muladhara Chakra is open!

I find it a complex subject but I am curious to find out more about this and how it is linked to Yoga and myself. Much more reading and learning to do the coming months!


200hr YTT January 2017