Commencement of Sadhana

Already half way through YTT course, I have been thinking what is my favorite asana and I still cannot pinpoint a single one.

Standing back-bend brings back fond memories of me when I was a kid attending Chinese dance lessons. As kids, we challenged each other doing standing back bend using those vertical water pipes as a support or doing splits on the concrete school flooring, it was fun and those were the happy times. Doing back bends, splits, cartwheel were easy peasy to me and there was no fear back then; and now although I would not like to admit, but fear is actually holding me back when doing a back-bend – fear of crushing my head down on the floor or breaking my back!

Headstand (Sirsasana) is still my nemesis and still trying to perfect it.  Having a banana back and need to remind myself to engage my core and not arching my back while doing the asana needs tons of patience!  “Suck in your tummy” is the regular sentence Master Sree says whenever I am doing a headstand; the problem is that I cannot feel my tummy when my legs are in the air; how to suck in my tummy – but no excuse, definitely needs to buck up!

My quotes based on my learning and experiences so far,

Yoga is not about perfect poses with perfect alignment as what we normally see on the social media; Yoga postures are perfect when the individual connects their body, mind and soul.

Yoga is never about competition in a room full of strangers; Yoga is finding your true self in the midst of strangers.

Yoga heals your body, mind and soul – you are your own healer

Ever since the start of YTT course, I am down with virus every two weeks which is kind of strange as I don’t usually fall sick; taking it in the positive way, I just presume I am detoxing.  But just as thou someone was answering my question, I stumbled upon this … “with the decision to start regular sadhana, you may find yourself beset by obstacles and difficulties on every side. This may lead you to believe that it was the commencement of sadhana that started all the trouble.”

Well, well … I must be on the correct path since the obstacles have appeared. The words of wisdom continues, “In the beginning, the neophyte is quite unused to this struggle and strain. The concerted onrush of difficulties may confuse and unnerve you for a time. This is but natural. Do not be perturbed; bear up with fortitude. The initial difficulties will soon vanish, and you will gain strength day by day.”

Oh well, I just got to endured with it since I have chosen this path – what doesn’t kills me makes me stronger lah! For those who are in the YTT course and plagued with health issues, relationship issues, family issues, work issues, injuries issues, etc …

Endure and never get defeated by the obstacles – for we will emerge victorious!

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