Why I started weekend YTT

I was going through some transitions in life. I had just quit and was waiting to join another company when I started going yoga with my girlfriend.

I stopped yoga after practicing 3 years ago and during my 2 months break, I was going for yoga 6 times a week and gym/spin after that. My girlfriend said she had reached a plateau in her yoga practice and I wanted to move forward too, so we started looking for weekend YTT as that was the only slot we can afford. We came across Tirisula and signed up in a heartbeat. I was excited and yet anxious.

The day before YTT, I felt like backing out. I started at my new company and was swarmed with work. I wanted to rest and spend time at home on weekends. However I decided to go ahead the next morning at 8am and I told myself I can always back out after that, but I should give myself a chance to try it out.

I met 7 lovely ladies who are here with their various reasons and our paths crossed. The first day was tough and I never knew we can break out in such a sweat fest with 2-3 hours of physical practice. The next day it was the same, and I thought I would not survive for the next weekend. However, after I recover from the muscle ache, I was looking forward to the next weekend. We continued our physical practice and it was tough, but it got easier as we were conditioned and our body got stronger as well. My flexibility has even improved!

I have only 6 more days to the end of YTT and I have learnt so much about yoga, changed so much internally  and externally, and I am starting to miss my classmates and Master.

Yoga has changed my life within these 8 weeks. It is not just a Certificate that I am bringing home with me at the end of YTT. It is a new mindset and lifestyle that will follow me after this course is over.

Lyn Sept 2019 Weekens YTT