Learning the 200 hours teacher course has taught me not only the correct postures also how to push my body forward and at the same time which are my limitations. A pose that was unthinkable before now is possible to perform. The improvement on my body posture and my wellbeing has been enormous. The deep understanding on the Muscular system and joints help me to understand my body and look at student’s body in a different angle. I found particularly interesting to learn how to unlock a muscle or join muscles in order to reach certain postures and get a proper comfortable pose and being pleasant when I reach there. This gave me the confidence to practice certain postures and prevent from having injuries.
Furthermore learning the Muscle system help me to identified which muscle are working while doing a pose During teaching practice is also key in order to give the proper instructions.
Uttanasana Pose (Standing forward bend) is an example of how we stretch the back muscles, neck and torso, the tights, the gluteus muscles, the hamstrings, hip flexors and quadriceps and lower legs muscles. All the body is engage specially when we are aware of which muscles and parts of the body we feel and how correctly perform the pose in order to be able to stretch deeply.